Flatwater Racing Training

Here at the BCCC we run flatwater racing training throughout the year.

There are three main training groups covering Division 1-3 paddlers, Division 4-7 and Division 8-9 paddlers. Where numbers of groups are high break the groups down further or combine them to ensure the training for all is effective for every racer.

Training Sessions

Regular training sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday mornings. Coaching support is available during these sessions. On the water training sessions take place on:

  • Tuesdays at 17:30 (circuit training in winter)
  • Thursdays at 17:30 (Ergo and weight training in winter)
  • Saturdays at 09:00 (training session for Division 1-7, and 8/9 Adults)
  • Saturdays at 10.30 (introductory session for under 14 juniors)
Training Schedule

The BCCC provide a detailed daily training schedule for club members who do the formal training sessions. The programme for each session covers the winter and/or the summer months, covering the three main training groups with the highest volume for the Division 1-3 group, less volume for the Division 4-7 group, and the least volume for the Division 8-9 and Under 14 groups.

The Gym

Here at the BCCC we have a gym area available to all members at any time of the day, to support their paddling development and improving both strength and conditioning. Some of our specialist equipment includes, a KayakPro Paddling Ergometer and a Lawler Paddling Ergometer. Members receive access to a gym booklet providing detailed advice and guidance on how to use the equipment, as well as training exercise variation guidance on all the major muscles used in kayaking, training programmes, and much more.

Join the BCCC today and sign up to attend an Introduction to Flatwater Racing Course.